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Our Direction

  • Quality

    Natural ingredients, which are the main raw materials, are affected by various factors such as place of origin and climate. To ensure stable supply and consistent quality, we import directly from China, Southeast Asia, and Europe, and have established a complete supply system that integrates production and sales. We have also established partnership members in the countries where our raw materials originate to facilitate communication with them. We have also acquired HACCP-compliant GMP certification for food additives in 2019, and are working daily to secure raw materials and gather information to ensure that we can deliver the products that our customers demand.

  • Creativity

    We have a well-developed research and development system based on development data, experience, and know-how accumulated over 40 years of involvement in the food additive industry, including colorants. We also have a strong support system with 14 sales representatives covering customers nationwide. We continue to take on the daily challenge of creating new possibilities for food culture, not only in the area of coloring agents, but also in the areas of food ingredients, sweeteners, quality improvers, and more. We demonstrate our technological and practical capabilities to find out the possibilities for the themes requested by our customers. Even if it does not lead directly to the adoption of our products in the end, we will make proposals to solve our customer’s issues.

  • Customer Service

    Since our establishment, we have developed our business with a motto of speedy response, focusing on natural dyes and providing products that meet market needs. Through joint development with our customers, we achieve optimal manufacturing based on a full understanding of everything from food ingredients to manufacturing, sales, and market trends. We have expressed this idea, which has been important to us since our founding, as ColorsHaveFun. That our products, such as colorants, contribute to and are useful to our customers’ businesses. We hope that through our business, we can enjoy ourselves more than anyone else and be of service to society. We at Kobe Kasei will continue to take on the challenge of being a proposal- and development-oriented company so that our customers will say, “We are glad we chose Kobe Kasei,” or “Kobe Kasei products are great.”

Quality Assurance

All of us at our company comply
with the GMP manual
for food additives and supply products
that are free from quality defects.

  • In order to deliver high quality products to our customers, we have established a complete system from raw material procurement to manufacturing and supply, and we practice strict quality control.
  • Through various activities from receiving raw materials to manufacturing and supplying products, we are committed to supplying high-quality and safety-assured products.
  • To ensure the supply of safe and secure products, all employees are working on HACCP-introduced food additives GMP, which incorporates HACCP sanitation management methods.

About food additives GMP


It is a voluntary standard established by the Japan Food Additives Association for the objective of establishing unified management standards in the food additive industry and contributing to the production of high quality food additives. The purpose of the voluntary standard is to ensure the quality of food additives by providing standards for “production control and quality control of food additives.” It was established not only to test and inspect the final product, but also to eliminate in advance any problems inherent in the manufacturing process from the receipt of raw materials onward, and to establish a system that enables the production of food additives of consistently high quality.

Basic Concept

  • Manufacturers take leadership
  • Establish organization and management responsibility
  • Centralize product quality information
  • Create a rule book for control
  • Decide what to do in case of quality anomalies
  • Inspect the status of GMP operation by themselves
  • Conduct employee training
  • Keep records
  • Manage documents and records



Overview of SDGs

The new Sustainable Development Goals for the period up to 2030, adopted unanimously at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, consist of 17 goals and 169 targets.

Efforts to Achieve the SDGs

  • Company with many fans

    「Company with many fans」

    As a “group of professionals specializing in colorants,” we will continue to respond flexibly while keeping abreast of current trends, aiming to be a “company with many fans” that is loved by our customers.

    【Specific Initiatives】

    • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
    • Conduct regular meetings aimed at improving customer satisfaction.
    • Obtained “HACCP Food Additive GMP” certification for quality management system.
    • In order to continue the certification, all employees will have the opportunity to learn about HACCP through voluntary training held once every three months.
  • Caring and rewarding company

    「Caring and rewarding company」

    We view each employee as a family member, and we will strive to be a company where all employees can work together in a caring and rewarding manner, always moving forward.

    【Specific Initiatives】

    • Excellent employee training(manufacturer training and seminars, in-house training and workshops, etc.)
    • A culture of understanding and respecting individual differences through emergenetics.
    • In order to promote the mental health of employees, a lunch meeting with all departments is held once a month.
    • Prohibition of harassment is clearly stated in the work rules.
    • Promoting the use of maternity leave, including for male employees.
    • Thorough sanitary measures(assistance with testing and vaccinations, etc.)
    • Support for female employees returning to work.
  • Environmental measures

    「Environmental measures」

    We will contribute to environmental preservation by promoting energy-saving business activities and actively and effectively utilizing limited resources.

    【Specific Initiatives】

    • Promotion of Kobe Environmental Management System.
    • Switched all lighting in the plant to LED.
    • Thorough separation of waste and promotion of recycling.
  • Contribution to the community

    「Contribution to the community」

    By actively participating in local volunteer activities and events, we aim to create a company that can contribute to the realization of a sustainable local community.

    【Specific Initiatives】

    • Active recruitment of local personnel.
    • Efforts to develop a business continuity plan.
    • Efforts to develop a business continuity plan.
      Sponsorship of local events and sports organizations.

Initiatives for the Environment

As part of our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our social and economic activities and realize a sustainable society, we have been registered for KEMS, an environmental management system operated by the Kobe Environmental Forum, since 2011.
After confirming the environmental impact of our activities, products, and services, we set environmental improvement targets based on our environmental declaration and environmental impact assessment results, and each and every employee actively practices activities to reduce environmental impact.

Description of Efforts

  • Registration for KEMS (Kobe Environmental Management System) to achieve a sustainable society.
  • Implementing environmental management activities by assessing the environmental impact of manufacturing and sales.
  • Engaging in environmental impact reduction activities by each and every employee.


"Hyogo Work-Life Harmony Promotion" Awarded company

“Hyogo Work-Life Harmony Promotion” Awarded company

In September 2021, we were certified as a “Hyogo Work-Life Harmony Promotion” company.
This system registers companies and organizations that declare their commitment to promoting work-life balance, widely publicizes their activities to the public, and supports their efforts.
In 2019 our company reduced overtime from 1300 hours for all employees to 1000 hours.
Furthermore, we aim to increase the rate of paid vacation utilization from 35% in 2022 to 40% by 2024.

"Business Continuity Enhancement Plan" certified Company

“Business Continuity Enhancement Plan” certified Company

We were certified for the ” Business Continuity Enhancement Plan” in September 2021.
The Business Continuity Enhancement Plan certification system provides certification of plans for companies that will work toward disaster prevention and disaster mitigation in the future.

Manufacturing Facilities

  • Facility.01
    Spray Dryer

    Spray dryers are used to powder liquid raw materials.
    Since it can produce powder products with fine particle size and good flowability, it is used for pre-mix powders, etc.
    Example of manufactured items: KC Yellow CP-15, KC Orange PP-2, etc.

  • Facility.02
    Powder Mixer

    It is used for mixing powder products.
    The cylindrical part of the vessel is inclined, allowing the entire raw material to be moved widely, resulting in uniform mixing in a short time.
    The all-stainless steel construction with no internal shaft and simple structure enables thorough cleaning and prevents contamination with other products.
    Example of manufactured items: KC Red MP-53, KC Green CG-1, etc.

  • Facility.03
    Liquid Mixer

    It is used for mixing liquid raw materials.
    In addition to mixing liquid materials, it can also stir and dissolve powder materials and emulsify water-dispersible materials.
    Besides this mixer, we also have medium and small sized liquid mixers to meet the needs of our customers.
    Examples of manufactured items: KC Yellow KL-10A, etc.


Please contact us for any questions or requests regarding our products.
We will contact you from the person in charge.

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