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Bringing smiles to all people by enriching their dietary life.

The food processing industry has retained its traditional aspects over time, incorporated new cultures and technologies, and created a new food culture along with technological advancements. Food additives are indispensable to the progress of this industry.
We want to be a company that continues to serve and please our customers by accurately grasping their needs and converting them into products mainly in the form of natural food colors.
To achieve this, human resources are essential.
I believe that the key to our customers’ benefit is for our employees to feel a sense of fulfillment and joy in their work, to demonstrate their abilities, and to grow as individuals.
We will continue to contribute to providing new value to our customers through the manufacturing of colorants and additives.

Masaru Murakawa, President and Representative Director


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    We aim to contribute to the development of the food industry through food additives and food ingredients, and to be a company that can share the joy of our customers.

    Among “clothing”, “food”, and “housing”, the field in which we work is “food.” People need food to live, and the act of eating brings happiness to people. We take pleasure in being of service to the companies and people who provide such food, and we will continue to challenge the limitless world of food.

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    Our company will develop the individuality of our employees and help them lead vibrant lives.

    The most important asset of a company is its people, and no one should be unhappy working for our company. We want our employees to live a life in which every day is fulfilling and full of accomplishment. We have jobs to improve our human skills and to lead a life that makes us attractive people. Life is not only for work.

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    Our company is a group of self-reliant individuals who will not be content with the status quo, but will be full of the spirit of challenge, and will practice actions that will make our work useful to society.

    We must continue to improve ourselves, and both people and the company must continue to grow. We believe that the best and fastest way to challenge uncharted territory without fear of failure is to do so through our work. In the end, we want to be of service to the world and to others.


We create color and flavor
in the diversifying food culture.

As people’s tastes change and distribution becomes more globalized, food culture is changing and developing to enrich our dietary life.
We, who are engaged in the production of food additives and ingredients, must support this development by enhancing our technological capabilities in terms of safety, security, color, flavor, texture, and so on.
We will always be a trusted mentor to food manufacturers and continue to develop a variety of natural food additives and ingredients to contribute to the development of safe, secure, and healthy food products for people.


Please contact us for any questions or requests regarding our products.
We will contact you from the person in charge.

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